Our goal is to give you the best wedding film possible and not a highlight reel. We want our films to tell a story. We do this by not making our pricing complicated with multiple options or packages. We have one package that includes me as your exclusive cinematographer to film your day. We don’t out source our editing; it is all done in house by me. We will personally edit a film of your wedding as well as an uncut documentary of the entire ceremony and all of the speeches.


With our knowledge and experience in the wedding industry, we find this to work the best for our clients in the Springfield and Branson Missouri area. For travel and destination weddings I typically work alone and can provide a custom quote tailored to your day.


Your film is delivered online and ready for instant download. No USB’s that can get lost, just download the film, save and back up to what ever device you like for safe keeping.


We also offer popular add-ons, such as rehearsal dinner and adventure sessions. Please inquire for a custom quote.

Base price without add-ons $2900


How long are your films?

It all depends on what unfolds during the day. The weather, timeline, speeches and activities all play an important part in how long your film will be. I always tell my clients, producers’ film for multiple years for a 3-hour (sometimes less) motion picture you see in the theater. I am filming for only one day. It is best to have 4 minutes of an awesome film rather than a 7-12-minute film with only 50% of awesome film. As an artist, we only put our best work out for the public and for our clients to see.

How do you pick the music?

Music is the most important part of your wedding film. It is what brings everything together and a lot of times this process is what takes the most amount of time when editing your film. If you can imagine the music from your favorite movie, it may not be your favorite type of music but it enhances the mood and the tone of the film and it is what brings your emotion to the film. We edit and pick music with this technique. Music is purchased from music licensing sites that will allow us and you to post your wedding film online for sharing with family and friends.

Do you have insurance and professional equipment?

Yes, we are fully insured and our insurance agency can provide necessary documents for your venue if needed.

Yes, I have the best gear that money can buy. I have invested in only the best professional cinema equipment to help me film your day. But, anyone can have the best gear, the question is, do you know how to use it. The answer is yes, we do.